2017 Mercedes V-Class Review, Specs and Price

2017 Mercedes
V-Class Review, Specs and Price
– Released to
replace the existing Viano, the Mercedes V-Class seeks to
extended distance by itself in the Vito van it’s according to.
It is closest rivals are definitely the Ford Tourneo Custom
made and the Volkswagen T6 Caravelle. Significantly less roomy
but easier to travel choices range from the Seat Alhambra,
Volkswagen Sharan and Ford Grand Torneo Link.
2017 Mercedes V-Class Review

2017 Mercedes V-Class Review

Forget the boring colours and rust-predisposed metal rims of
the vehicle, then, and say hello there to gleaming metal
painting, large alloy rims and a deal with that might have been
replanted from Merc’s leading S-Class saloon. The latter
indicates the V-Class sports a big stainless grille along with
delicately made front lights usually the preserve of posh
management saloons. The bluff front-end, tall system and
flat roofline hand out the car’s humbly useful roots, but caps
away and off to Mercedes for the purpose is a valiant work.
2017 Mercedes V-Class Price
Nonetheless, the V-Class’ unsightly physique does have its
positive aspects – interior space getting the most apparent.
The MPV may come as common with a six-seating arrangement, with
two sets of seating experiencing each other within the back and
a dinner table at the center – feel mini boardroom. You are
able to, however, establish as much as 8 car seats should you
select the extended wheelbase design.

What really distinguishes the V-Class from competitors is its
luxurious interior. The dash panel is covered with a tremendous
swathe of glossy hardwood trim and there’s the identical large
pc tablet display as you’ll get in other Mercedes.
Delicate-effect plastics substitute the fragile accomplish in
the V-Class’ industrial cousin and there is a lot of kit, also.
All designs feature personal-auto parking solutions, a leather
interior, sat-nav, and run entry doors all-spherical.

Performance is one more decidedly un-truck like characteristic.
The V-Class comes as normal using a 2.1-litre diesel engine
that may shuttle you, and your employees, from -62mph in only
9.2 secs and continues planning to an autobahn-friendly 128mph.
Dealing with is cozy, as opposed to made up, but we cannot
anticipate an excessive amount of, thinking of its
van-structured chassis.

What we should can wish for, nevertheless, is that the V-Class
is fairly affordable. With admission to the range starting
around £40k nonetheless, it is planning to get more than a posh
interior to bait most households from its previously mentioned,
more-affordable competition.

2017 Mercedes V-Class Interior

In case the upmarket exterior in the
2017 Mercedes V-Class is not enough to get a smile on your
deal with then your interior surely is going to be. A seasoned
highway tester would be hard pressed to distinguish the
V-Class’ interior from that from among Mercedes’ executive
saloons – it is that luxurious.
2017 Mercedes V-Class Interior
All versions have a large sat-nav monitor – as seen in the new
C-Class – that is permitted Mercedes to minimize on the demand
for typical switches. That simply leaves a lot of free room for
lashings of wooden and shiny aluminum and all V-Class types
feature an exec-pleasant leather interior. Including the
vehicle driver is dealt with to a sporty 3-spoke leather-cut
controls and heavily cowled dials – though it will consider
merely one spirited whirl of your wheel to consider the V-Class
is no sporting activities car.

Upmarket components are common very well, but space is perhaps
the largest high end available from the V-Class and couple of
MPVs can match up the Merc in this regard. No matter if you
select six-, several- or 8-seating designs, the V-class has
masses of place inside of – there’s ample headroom for anyone
this side of the Harlem Globetrotter and legroom is ample
adequate for Swedish supermodels, also. Accessibility interior
is excellent as a result of two huge rear sliding entry doors.

That up-right account also produces substantial spend offs in
terms of boot area and, even with all the current seats up, the
V-Class delivers a minimum potential of 1,030 litres. Decline
every one of the seating straight down and room is more,
effectively, truck-like, having an unbelievable 4,610 litres to
perform with – by no means mind your family pooch, that is
enough for any tiny horse. What is a lot more, starting the
divided-folding tail gate reveals a tremendous opening up and a
flat flooring.

2017 Mercedes V-Class Engine and Specs

The 2.1-litre diesel is the sole engine for sale in the newest
V-class array and is for sale in 163hp/280lb ft (V220) or
190hp/325lb feet (V250) suggests of track. A primary reason
Mercedes has attained this kind of substantial torque
statistics is the use of sequential dual-turbochargers, which
allow for the large spread out of energy throughout the rev

The V250’s velocity shape of -62mph in 9.1 secs and a top rate
of 129mph (2.7 moments and 9mph more quickly in comparison to
the V220) is rather outstanding considering its 2,100kg mass.
The engine is not the most processed device when pressed, but
this is typical among most several-cylinder diesels (it’s by no
means the most awful with this class) and can be forgiven when
taking into account the outstanding torque.

Gas economic climate is marginally much better about the V220
at 45.6mpg merged – the greater highly effective V250 achieves
.8mpg a lot less – a industry-off of due to its extra 27hp and
44lb feet. Pollutants fluctuate somewhat involving the two too,
at 163g/km and 166g/km for your V220 and V250 respectively.
Significance the previous costs £180 to income tax yearly,
whilst the latter can be purchased in at £205.

2017 Mercedes V-Class Price

Price collection £42,995 – £50,195. The V-Class expenses
considerably more than a VW Sharan, Seating Alhambra or Ford
Galaxy, but nothing of such models provide you with the area
(or even the high-class interior) that you will get within the

You’re not merely purchasing the Mercedes badge (properly, not
entirely) – the V-Class comes along with a lot more regular
equipment than its competitors, which will go some approach to
justifying the price label. That collection includes things
like sat-nav, a run boot top, electric sliding entrance doors,
leather material upholstery and heated up front seating.